6 Qualities A Good Neighbour Should Have

By: Tracy Phelan

6 Qualities A Good Neighbour Should Have

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6 Qualities A Good Neighbor Should Have

Qualities every good neighbor possesses

If you expect to live next door to good neighbors, you’ll first need to know how to be a good neighbor yourself. Below, we discuss six qualities a good neighbor should have.

Quality #1: Good Neighbors Are Neat

Even if you aren’t the tidy type, being a good neighbor means you respect the views of others and keep your home and yard neat. Mow the grass regularly, rake the leaves when it needs it, put things away when you’re done using them, and keep your trash cans out of sight. Another rule of thumb here is to keep unique lawn ornaments to a minimum. Just because you love the 50 lawn gnomes you own doesn’t mean your next-door neighbor does.

Quality #2: A Good Neighbor Avoids Gossip

Your neighborhood isn’t high school, so there’s no reason to keep tabs on everyone within a two-block radius. Your next-door neighbor might know exactly what the Smiths put in their garbage, but that’s no reason for you to encourage her nosiness by entertaining the conversation.

Quality #3: Good Neighbors Share Their Contact Info

If you don’t know your neighbors’ phone numbers, you might ask yourself how anyone would get in touch with you should your house flood while you’re away or how you would find the package the delivery person left at their house by mistake. What if you need a babysitter? How would you contact the neighbor’s teenage daughter to see if she’s available? Good neighbors should have each other’s’ backs and know how to contact one another.

Quality #4: Good Neighbors Anticipate The Needs Of Others

The neighbor that says, “Let me know if you need anything,” probably won’t be volunteering to help when you actually need it. You, however, as a good neighbor should anticipate the needs of others around you. For example, if you see your elderly neighbor having difficulty mowing their grass during a heatwave, ask him what a convenient time would be for you to come over with your mower and cut it for him.

Quality #5: Good Neighbors Work Together

It’s not uncommon to hear of disgruntled neighbors ending up in court over things like broken fences and overgrown trees that happen to be located on both sides of the property line. Good neighbors keep an eye out for these types of things and discuss the various options for correcting the issues before they become problematic.

Quality #6: Good Neighbors Bake And Share Cookies

Baked goods always have a way of breaking the ice and warming hearts. Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or have simply fallen out of touch with those nearby, taking a plateful of freshly-baked cookies will give you a reason to reach out and let your neighbors know you’re thinking of them.

Being neighborly is one thing, but being a good neighbor is what everyone should strive to be. By adopting the six qualities above, you can be a good neighbor and set an example for all the other people who live in your neighborhood.

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