5 Ways You Can Organize Your Crafts Room

By: Tracy Phelan

5 Ways You Can Organize Your Crafts Room

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5 Ways You Can Organize Your Crafts Room

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Craft rooms are notoriously cluttered. It can be difficult feeling inspired or being crafty when you can’t find the supplies you need. Rather than fight the chaos, organize it. Here are five ways you can organize your craft room today.

Whether you like to sew, scrapbook, or crochet, having an organized craft room to house all your supplies is key to being inspired and creative. If you’re lucky enough to have the space for your hobby, here are five ways you can organize your craft room.

1. Keep Ribbon Neat and Handy

Anyone who uses ribbon for anything knows how difficult it can be to keep it from tangling once the spool has been opened. Rather than fight with the chaos, use flat cardboard pieces to wrap remaining ribbon around and store them in drawers. The flat cardboard takes up less space than the spools, and if you color code your ribbon, you’ll always be able to find just what you’re looking for at a glance. If you have leftover ribbon that isn’t long enough to wrap around cardboard, put it inside clear mason jars on a shelf so you can see what snippets you have left.

2. Make a Rainbow Cardstock Display

Always know just what colors of cardstock and paper you have on hand by placing it in cheap magazine holders on a shelf. Arrange the colors in the order of a rainbow to create an attractive display. Alternately, you can also use plastic desktop paper trays or file sorters to organize your colored paper on shelves. The idea is to make it easy to see and use the paper when you need it.

3. Repurpose Old Furniture for Storage

When organizing your craft room, almost anything goes. For instance, you can use an old armoire as a sewing cabinet with just a few tweaks, or you could fashion a workstation out of an old desk. To tie everything together in your craft room, choose a theme or complimentary colors and paint what you need to to bring the décor together.

4. See All Your Rubber Stamps

If you’re like most stampers, you have quite a collection of rubber stamps. Something for every occasion, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Rather than storing them in drawers where it can be a chore finding what you want, place them on shelves – pictures facing out – so you can see what you have. This way, you never forget what stamps you have, and you can always find just what you’re looking for when you need it.

5. Closets Work, too

Not everyone has an extra room to turn into a craft room. There’s no reason to fret if this is the case in your home, though. You can turn a closet into a craft room with just a few simple ideas. Shelving is a must from ceiling to floor. Install shelves securely at varying heights to accommodate a wide variety of supplies. Add dividers where necessary to create “pockets” for things such as cardstock, and make sure lower shelves can accommodate “drawers” made from baskets. Utilize clear plastic containers with lids in varying sizes to organize all your supplies, and use your imagination when it comes to how you place them into the closet. Keep less-used items on the top shelves, and ones you use more often within easy reach.

It doesn’t matter what kind of hobby you enjoy doing. Having an organized space to store your supplies and get crafty in is what’s important. Use the five ways you can organize your craft room above to create your own inspiring place to create!

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